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Antonio Condurro, master of pizza, passed away

Vita gazette: Anyone who has seen Julia Robert’s film “Eat, Pray and Love” will remember that enchanting scene in which she puts pizza in her mouth. It’s like taking that fantastic slice of pizza to your mouth. The taste of pizza reaches you. Antonio Condurro, the head of Neapolitan pizzerias, the last of 13 children of Michele, founder of the pizzeria of the same name, in Forcella, in the heart of the historic center of Naples, where this scene was filmed, passed away.

Naples said goodbye to Antonio Condurro, master pizza maker, witness of an ancient tradition of excellence. Unfortunately, after having dedicated his entire life to the pizzeria, together with his brother Salvatore, the first of 13 children. He had also made pizzas for Americans during the Great War. Left alone, Antonio has preserved the family tradition by serving only the pizzas Margherita and Marinara to his customers. Due to Covid, he had begun to stop attending the club, which he continued to follow from home. The daughter Daniela and the nephew Alessandro take care of Michele’s project in The World.

Antonio Condurro was born in 1932, he would have turned 90 in February. His family members made the announcement with a post on the Facebook page of the historic pizzeria. His place was chosen in 2009 as the set for a scene from “Eat, Pray, Love”, in which Julia Roberts was enjoying a pizza.

On social media, his daughter Daniela wrote a heartfelt message:

“Thanks Dad, for all you have done for us, for making us strong and courageous, I will always love you my dad !! I wish I could still hear your voice, I miss the laughs we used to make, I miss your smile, your eyes, I miss seeing you on the sofa watching TV. I have to say sorry and thank you… Sorry for all the times I didn’t understand, for all the times I didn’t tell you TVB, sorry for the missed hugs, for the unspoken words, for the mistakes I made, but above all thanks because you have been a father and you will never stop being one. Without you I would never have made it, even if you are no longer with us your memory and your smile will never be forgotten !!!! You had many friends who loved you, because you had something different, you were always present, always available, you were everyone’s friend, you were and are my pride. Today more than ever I have realized how important you have been in my life, and for the next few years I will keep these precious memories in my heart. Hi dad… indeed… hi Pizzaiolo… have a good trip. Your Daniela.”

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