Art Nouveau Week marked in Italy and across Europe

Another fantastic week of events begins to stay away from smartphones and communicate with real beauty. Italy celebrates its Art Nouveau architecture and design with guided tours of Liberty landmarks as part of the fifth edition of the Art Nouveau Week, from 8-14 July 2023. 150 Art Nouveau villas will be open to the public for a week.

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Stendhal or Florence syndrome

by Maria Stella

Marie-Henri Beyle, known as Stendhal, was born today in Grenoble. The Stendhal syndrome, or the Florence syndrome, takes its name from him. Have you ever felt uncomfortable and harmful seeing an admirable work of art? While this may not have happened to you, it may have occurred to another art lover.

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Vincent Van Gogh in Rome

In Rome, a major exhibition celebrates the life of Vincent van Gogh. On the eve of the 170th anniversary of his birth, from 8 October 2022 Palazzo Bonaparte hosts an exhibition that traces the artist’s production through 50 of his works.

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Art journey to Italy

Would you like to do on a very special art journey while visiting the cities of Italy, each of which is a jewel? It’s all here!

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Russia wants the loaned masterpieces back

Vita gazette – The policy of excommunicating Russian culture, art and artists came as a slapstick response. The Ministry of Culture of Russia requested that the works of art they lent to Italian museums “for display” have to be returned to the “Hermitage Museum” by the end of March.

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Timeless classics: “Betrothed”

Italio Calvino said of the classics, “The classics are the books that people never say ‘I’m reading’, but often say ‘I’m reading again.’” Alessandro Manzoni’s book “The Betrothed” is such a work that lives in the “universe of the timeless”…

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