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Alessandro Romano

Enzo Ferrari, who fell to the ground in World War I, stood up and started running. II. After World War II, a horse named “Ferrari” took off with its nobility, determination, courage and speed. He’s been running ever since.

In Italy, the country of design and aesthetics, after the First World War, Enzo Ferrari got up from where he fell and started chasing his dreams. II. After the World War II, “a horse named Ferrari that brings the distances closer” took off with his nobility, determination, courage and speed, and each step he took turned into a separate legend. Under the leadership of its enthusiastic, hardworking and ambitious rider, Ferrari, which became the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to Italy and automotive, has established a throne in the hearts of automobile enthusiasts with its reared black equestrian emblem, flawless handcraft, classic red and all

Birth of Ferrari


After recovering, he applied to Fiat but was not accepted. The war was over. The country’s economy was experiencing its worst days. Unemployment and the struggle for survival swept the world. Having lost his father and brother, Enzo urgently has to find a job and earn money to take care of his mother and himself. While looking for a job, he also took into account his dreams, generally applying to the automotive sector. Enzo started working as a worker in automobile factories during such a period. He felt sorry for all the ostracism and insults against him, but each time he got more and more ambitious. It was his biggest dream to become a racing driver and produce cars that were faster than anyone could keep up. He eventually started working with a small firm in Turin where he could test drive. He then did test drives on CMN (Costruzioni Meccaniche Nazionali) and Vespa. Enzo, who attracted attention in the races he participated in, started working as a racing driver at Alfa Romeo in 1920. Enzo Ferrari was a speed freak. He fascinated everyone with his maneuvers in the races and his high turning speed in sharp bends. While working at Alfa Romeo, he made his name in car racing and became one of the most popular names. The Scuderia Ferrari team he founded in 1929 was a dream come true for Enzo, but the young racing driver was so good at management and planning that Scuderia Ferrari soon became Alpha Romeo’s official racing team.

Enzo Ferrari worked as a racing driver at Alfa Romeo from 1920 to 1932. He left the racetracks after his son Dino was born. He began to spend all his energies on the automobile factory business. But Alfa Romeo followed him; Enzo was offered the position of sporting director of Alfa Romeo due to his outstanding talent in racing cars. The racing team controlled by Ferrari won all the races it participated in.

Leaving his position as sporting director of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari established a small workshop in his hometown of Modena. He wanted to design a car that he would only drive himself. But this time II. World War II had begun. When his place of residence was bombed, he had to move to Maranello before he could finish the design of his car.

The Birth of the Ferrari Company

Enzo Ferrari, whose workshop was destroyed by the bomb attack, moved to Maranello and established a new order there. He designed the race car he had dreamed of for years with his experience, love, passion and endless determination. In 1946 he created the first car bearing his name. The Ferrari 250 and 250G models were the designs that made the brand rise. In the 1950s, Ferrari was at the top of the automobile world. In 1951, 14 races were won, and between 1960 and 1965, 6 consecutive Le Mans victories were achieved.

Death of Son Dino Ferrari

Ferrari, the sports and luxury car brand that won all the races it participated in, was now known all over the world. Ferrari’s rise continued, but the company was not operated in a professional manner. Therefore, he began to experience serious economic problems. Enzo Ferrari, who was looking for remedies to get through this period, borrowed money from the Italian mafia. In the process, his son Alfredo Dino Ferrari died. Different opinions have been thrown about Dino’s cause of death. Enzo Ferrari created the “Ferrari Dino” series after the death of his son Dino.

Selling Ferrari to Fiat

The economic crisis that started again in Italy in the 1960s and rising inflation put almost all factories in trouble with the workers’ revolt. Ferrari also began to have great difficulties in this process. Ferrari sold a small part of its shares to Fiat in 1965, and 90 percent of its shares in 1969. Enzo Ferrari also continued to retain control of the company’s affairs until his death. It is known that the F40 model, which was produced to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the company, is Enzo Ferrari’s favorite model.

Emblem of Ferrari

Ferrari, which has an emblem with an attached black horse image on a yellow background, continues to be the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to racing vehicles and luxury vehicles. Ferrari’s famous emblem consists of a reared black horse on a yellow background. On the upper side of the emblem, red, white and green stripes, which are the national colors of Italy, are added. Again, the letters “S” and “F” on the emblem refer to Scuderia Ferrari, which was the name of the brand when it was first established. Enzo Ferrari designed the rearing black horse logo, inspired by the red horse on the plane of fighter pilot Count Francesco Baracca.

Ferrari Museum

The Ferrari Museum has also become a legend, attracting tens of thousands of visitors to Ferrari’s homeland, Maranello, every year. Established right at the entrance of the city, the Factory rises as an artistic masterpiece between the past and the future. The “Via Dino Ferrari” street, named after his son, welcomes its visitors with shops selling Ferrari souvenirs. There are all kinds of souvenirs from model cars to hats, shoes, t-shirts, pens and stickers in the stores, which highlight the showcases painted in Ferrari red. There are also collectible Ferrari products and spare parts on this street. Two statues greet visitors at the entrance of Galleria Ferrari, which is wrapped in Ferrari red steel pipes. The museum, consisting of 3 floors, transports Ferrari fans to the magical world where those who chase dreams meet.

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