Let’s go to Florian!

by Ayfer Selamoğlu

For nearly 300 years, a voice has been heard in Venice’s pastel-coloured, narrow streets: “Let’s go to Florian!”. This magical cloud of invitation passes through narrow, pastel-coloured streets with Renaissance patterns, bridges that dance around the city and reaches the swan gondolas. It invites everyone to a magical world…

Italy’s National Flavor Pizza

The fresco from the excavations of Pompeii proved once again that Italians ate pizza 2000 years ago… The fresco appears to depict a round focaccia surrounded by various fruits on a silver platter, including pomegranates and perhaps dates.

Reformist steps in “Made in Italy” Synthetic food production and marketing are banned

The government, determined to protect the “Made in Italy” brand, also took action on livestock and public health in this context. The bill of government, which prepared the bill to ban the production and marketing of synthetic food, including artificial meat, was presented to the Senate, which envisages different fines and prison sentences for those who promote “anorexia and blumiya” eating disorders on social media.

The wine alarm attack: Now wine becomes dangerous!

The alarm on wine, an attack on Made in Italy. The European Commission has reserved it for wine, with the green light for Ireland to use alarmist labels on bottles that warn of the danger to consumer health.

The Christmas dilemma: dinner or lunch?

The scent of Christmas is everywhere: our city is ready for Christmas; Our roads are ready; Our houses are ready; Our Christmas tree is ready; Our gifts for children are ready; Our soul is ready; We look forward to a new year with new hopes … Time to sit down and celebrate Christmas. But there’s a problem! Are we celebrating at Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch?

A discovery that extends the life of pasta

Italian researchers have made a discovery that extends the life of pasta. The research makes it possible to extend the shelf life of industrial fresh pasta between 30 and 90 days.