The man won!

The opinion: by Ayfer Selamoglu

I was wondering about the reaction of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is known for his cold blood, while there was a “mercenary revolt” in Russia.

One survived!

The opinion – by Andira Vitale

It’s a story I love…
While a man was walking along the ocean beach, he stumbled upon a man hastily throwing something into the sea.
As he gets closer to the man, he realises that this person has thrown the beached starfish into the sea.

May 1 and Hawthorn Blossom

The opinion – by Andira Vitale
It was May 1 in 1891. Half of the Fourmies, where Maria Blondeau lived as a cotton worker, was in the textile industry.

Renaissance and Heaven

The opinion – by Ayfer Selamoğlu

One-fifth of Turkey is like the scene of a dystopian movie.

Mirror of San Remo!

“If you feel pain, you’re alive. If you feel other people’s pain, you’re a human being,” says Leo Tolstoy. In this context, the importance of art emerges:

What is Meghan Markle’s crime?

by Andira Vitale

Perché la famiglia reale e i media britannici prendere di mira una persona così particolare? Qual è stato il crimine di Meghan Markle?

Why did Melony win?

The opinion – Andira Vitale

Can we analyze the present in the spirit and terms of the past? Italo Calvino, one of Italy’s prides, has a saying for such situations: “We live in a country where results are always discussed, not causes.”