Immortal temple of music: Teatro alla Scala

City Lights – Ramona Andrei

It was born from the ashes of the Teatro Regio of Villa Reale, destroyed by fire on 23 February 1776. On 3 August 1778 the Teatro alla Scala was inaugurated in Milan. And still today, after 245 years, the whole world envies us.

Rome’s annual Shakespeare festival

Rome’s annual Shakespeare festival returns to Villa Borghese this summer. Open-air performances will be held at the Globe Arena from 13 July to 24 September, including a range of Italian-language productions of Shakespearean favourites.

The 73nd candle burned in San Remo…

The calendars showed January 29, 1951, when the first candle was lit in San Remo. Quietly, a little timidly, but hopefully, a flower was born. The festive flower grew larger with a new candle lit each year. That weak flower became so strong that it became the muse of the Eurovision song contest. Today, it has turned into a magnificent garden of lights of hope that attracts the world of culture and art for 5 days…

Theater reborn from its ashes: La Fenice

The fate of the Gran Teatro La Fenice, one of the jewel buildings of Venice, is similar to the mythical Phoenix bird, from which it takes its name. 27 years ago, the fire of the Teatro La Fenice. There are moments when everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing: for Venetians, January 29, 1996, is one of them.

World Theater Day

Like all branches of art, theatre is a type of communication that is done from person to person without any intermediary. If this communication is established in a perfect language, neither enmity, war nor years can come between them… The love between them continues as the world turns…