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Luci della Città

City lights: Raffaella Carrà

City lights: Maria Angelico

Who was the star who shook the whole world with his stage performances? Whoever you ask, the answer will be “Raffaella Carrà”.

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An Italian knight: Feltrinelli…

City lights – Giangiacomo Feltrinelli
by Ayfer Selamoğlu

When Italy is mentioned, the first thing that comes to our minds is “Art, history, culture, cities on the theater stage, squares, pastel colors, Renaissance, immortal artists, culinary culture. Such as pizza, pasta, wine and expresso…” But one of the most important values that make Italy ‘Italy’ is ‘La Feltrinelli’.

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💚 📃❤️ City Lights
The masterpiece of Italian Cinema Monica Vitti
The memory of Monica Vitti, one year after her death…

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Flying with Domenico Modugno

Life gazette culture – The lights of the city – Domenico Modugno

di Maria Stella

It was, for many years, the only one for an Italian song. We have held on from our happiest days to difficult days, including the Corona period. We flew away from happiness. Or we are freed from our pain. The whole world has heard this song, which is in the memories and moments of each of us, for the first time in the voice of Dominico Modugno.

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The timeless icon of Italian style

Vita gazette culture – City Lights – Marcello Mastroianni

È un uomo bellissimo con un sorriso dolce e leggero, una voce morbida, uno sguardo malinconico, una classe innata e moderna.

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Footprints of a legend…

The year 1921, whose effects on world political history will last for hundreds of years, was also a turning point for the Gucci brand. While some left indelible stains on human history, others, like Gucci, traveled the world like a rainbow with their tenacity, designs, colors and immortal breath.

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Is it Dante? Is it Beatrice?

City Lighs: Dante Alighieri

700 years have passed since Dante Alighieri’s death, but his works continue to inspire many works of art. His platonic childhood sweetheart Beatrice is said to have influenced his works, especially the Divine Comedy, which is a ‘masterpiece’. Is it true? Is Beatrice the source of those magnificent works?

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Bernini in the spirit of Rome

Bernini, a brilliant architect of the Roman Baroque, died in Rome on November 28, 1680.
Roma and Bernini, two names that integrate with each other. Pope Urban VIII said to Bernini: “You are made for Rome. Rome is also for you …”

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