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Fear in Bardonecchia: find the five missing people

Vita gazette – A real tsunami” of mud hit the city of Bardonecchia last night: mud and debris flowed over the city. The five missing people have been found, 120 registered displaced persons.

In Bardonecchia, the town in the Val di Susa in the province of Turin a few kilometres from the border with France, where a violent storm hit yesterday evening, causing the flooding of two streams, all five people were missing. The 120 displaced persons initially registered by the municipal administration have become about sixty and are hosted in the Italian Red Cross camp and some hotels in the area. There are no victims but one wounded, not in serious condition.

The strange wave of mud and debris involved many cars and damaged roads and bridges; The dam is located above the town in the province of Turin, where the landslide broke off yesterday evening and poured into the Frejus stream and then crashed on the inhabited area of ​​the locality in Val Susa.

The Region has opened a communication channel with the head of the Civil Protection Department, Fabrizio Curcio, and has given the willingness to activate the regional coordination of Civil Protection. Already in these hours, some teams of volunteers from the regional coordination are leaving to help local groups remove mud and debris from the streets and restore viability while the technicians of Arpa, the regional agency for the environment, let the councillor know, are ready to carry out inspections on the Frejus river basin. In the Arpa Piemonte bulletin, the yellow alert concerned northern Piedmont and the northern plain in the region, not Val Susa.

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