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Goodbye Jacques Perrin

Vita gazette – Jacgues Perrin, who is one of the unforgettable actors in the film Immortal-Z by Costa Gavras, the pioneer of political cinema. Two-time Oscar winner Jacques Perrin is also known as an active and beloved artist in Italian cinema.

Perrin, whose real name is Jacques-André Simonet, was born in Paris in 1941. In the early 1960s, he was noted for his roles in films such as The Girl with a Suitcase, with Claudia Cardinale, and Cronaca Familiare, with Marcello Mastroianni. In 1966 he won two awards for best actor at the Venice Film Festival for A Man in the Middle by Vittorio De Seta and for the Spanish film La Busca.

He starred in dozens of films, directed three, and produced several, including Z, Orgy of Power and Black and White in Color, both winners of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 1970 and 1976 respectively. best known films are Josephine (Les Demoiselles de Rochefort), The Desert of the Tartars and In the Name of the Sovereign People. The French, with a long memory, dedicate an epitaph worthy of a King to him. Or as the title Le Monde, of the white knight of independent cinema. The French have dedicated to him the title of royal epitaph or Le Monde, the white knight of independent cinema.

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