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“NelLazioConAmore”: two thousand euros for couple

Vita gazette – Long live the spouses! With the project called “Love in Lazio”, couples who get married in the Lazio region, which also includes the capital city of Rome, will be given a gift of 2.000 euros. Foreigners will also benefit from the decision, which also supports the tourism and wedding industry. Ready ten million euros for the wedding industry.

Wedding bonus in Rome and Lazio up to 2000 euros

Officials of the Lazio Region announced that they had given a gift of two thousand euros to couples who got married with the project called “Love in Lazio”. The provision concerns residents and non-residents and is also valid for civil unions. The only requirements are that you have to get married between 1 January and 31 December 2022 and you have to involve Lazio companies from the supply chain.

What you can get a refund for

The reimbursement is foreseen for the purchase of practically every detail that makes each wedding unique, from the printing of the invitations to the engagement of a wedding planner. But also for the purchase of wedding favours, for the rental of a ceremony car, for the purchase of clothes and accessories, for the floral decoration, for make-up and hairdressing, for the rental of the location, for the filming. videos and for the photographic book, for animation, entertainment and show services, for the purchase of wedding rings.

The requests are also valid for the catering or restaurant service and the honeymoon (exclusively at an agency): but in these two cases, the reimbursement is up to 700 euros.

The Region: “Sector hit hard by the pandemic”

“The announcement is designed and wanted to support a sector that has particularly suffered from the economic crisis”, comments the governor of Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti. “We have put in place – he continues – ten million euros with an eye also to the tourism sector, in the awareness and with the pride of being able to boast, in every part of our region, many locations among the most magical and fascinating in the world thanks to an unparalleled artistic and cultural heritage. Ideal spaces also to celebrate a special day such as a wedding”.

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