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The package of rules on migrants

Vita gazette – The Council of Ministers has launched the package of rules on migrants: At least one detention centre for repatriations (CPR) in each region and the increase in the detention of migrants up to 18 months, i.e. the maximum allowed by European legislation.

Migrants, the Council of Ministers has launched new rules. The new rules will be inserted directly into the South decree, including the extension to 18 months of the maximum detention time for repatriation and the provision of new CPR.

Among the measures of the CDM, the maximum detention times for repatriation of those arriving irregularly in Italy are extended to 18 months. “We will change the detention period in detention centres for the repatriation of those who enter Italy illegally, which will be raised to the maximum limit permitted by current European regulations: 6 months, extendable for a further 12, for a total of 18 months. So all the time necessary, not only to carry out the necessary checks but also to proceed with the repatriation of those not entitled to international protection,” explained Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“Today we will give a mandate to the Ministry of Defense to create the structures to detain illegal immigrants in the shortest possible time – the Prime Minister said again in the Council of Ministers -. Years of immigration policies have meant that today, in Italy, very few places are available in the CPRs”. “The new CPRs that will be built – she added – will have to be in locations with very low population density and easily perimeters and surveillance. No further discomfort and insecurity will be created in the cities. The two proposals will be included in the Southern Legislative Decree to make them immediately effective”.

A soon-to-be-released Prime Ministerial Decree will define the criteria for identifying the areas affected by the new CPRs

The measures on migrants and CPR, therefore,. Enter into the decree for the South already approved on 7 September, which establishes the single SEZ (Special Economic Zone) for the South and allocates funds for Lampedusa.

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