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More than 200 ships were stranded in the Panama Canal

Vita gazette – The Panama Canal, a vital lifeline for global trade, is currently grappling with its worst traffic jam ever. Over 200 ships are languishing at both ends, unable to make their passage due to critically low water levels resulting from a severe drought.

More than 200 ships, thought to be carrying millions of dollars worth of goods, were left on both sides of the Panama Canal due to drought restrictions.

The authorities limited the number of daily crossings in the Panama Canal to 32 until September 2 on the grounds of drought, which led to the density of ship traffic. The stranded ships caused the country to lose an estimated $200 million in revenue.

Ships have been waiting for more than 20 days on both sides of the canal, which connects the Atlantic to the Pacific, which was brought to a crossing border due to drought.

It has been noted that the canal has experienced its driest period for over a century and needs rain water.

Millions of dollars worth of goods are thought to have been transported on the more than 80-kilometre-long waterway that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific.

It is stated that some companies are looking for an alternative route due to the delays in the channel.

According to experts, restrictions that increase transportation costs for companies may put more pressure on consumer goods prices.

The unfolding situation in the Panama Canal has raised concerns, especially considering its pivotal role in facilitating international trade. Natural challenges, climate changes, and operational adjustments have contributed to this unprecedented logjam.

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