Painting and Sculpture

Michelangelo’s Secret Room opens to the public

In Florence, almost 50 years after its discovery, on November 15th, the “Michelangelo’s secret room” will be accessible to the public, a small room containing a series of charcoal drawings attributed to Buonarroti (who hid here in 1530), a which can be accessed from the New Sacristy, inside the Museum of the Medici Chapels.

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Easter artwork

The works on Easter to the greatest Italian painters and artists: From Raphael to Caravaggio, passing through Giotto and Andrea Mantegna, this is how the great Masters celebrated the victory of the Risen One over death.

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Venus Europa versus Mars America Italy: “The real pornography is ignorance!”

One of the iconic works of the Renaissance period, when art and the enlightenment were at their peak, the statue of David provoked tragicomic developments in an American school. The parent’s reaction to introducing the statue of David to students in the Renaissance title led to the dismissal of the school principal. The answers from Italy came from parents against the labelling of “pornography”: “The real pornography is ignorance!”

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Stendhal or Florence syndrome

by Maria Stella

Marie-Henri Beyle, known as Stendhal, was born today in Grenoble. The Stendhal syndrome, or the Florence syndrome, takes its name from him. Have you ever felt uncomfortable and harmful seeing an admirable work of art? While this may not have happened to you, it may have occurred to another art lover.

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Vincent Van Gogh in Rome

In Rome, a major exhibition celebrates the life of Vincent van Gogh. On the eve of the 170th anniversary of his birth, from 8 October 2022 Palazzo Bonaparte hosts an exhibition that traces the artist’s production through 50 of his works.

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