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Migrants, Italy-Albania agreement

Vita gazette – Albania will give the possibility of using some areas of Albanian territory with Italy, which will be able to set up centres for migrants there. The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama: “If Italy calls, Albania is there.”

Prime Minister Edi Rama received at Palazzo Chigi where a memorandum of understanding regarding flow management was signed. Albania will give the possibility to use some areas of Albanian territory with Italy, which will be able to set up centres for migrants. Countering human trafficking, preventing human trafficking and welcoming those who have the right to protection are the three objectives of the agreement signed today by Italy and Albania. Italy will be able to build two structures in Albania to manage illegal migrants: they will initially be able to accommodate up to three thousand people who will remain here for time to process asylum applications and, possibly, for repatriation.

Minors, pregnant women and vulnerable subjects

The agreement on managing migratory flows between Italy and Albania does not concern minors, pregnant women and vulnerable subjects. The jurisdiction within these centres will be Italian. “In the port of Shengjin, we will take care of the disembarkation and identification procedures, while in another more internal area, another structure based on the CPR model will be built. Albania collaborates with its police forces with the security forces and external surveillance of the structures”, explained Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

Rama: “Albania has a history of hospitality.”

“If Italy calls, Albania is there. Geography is now Italy’s curse. If you enter Italy, you enter Europe.” This was stated by the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, during the signing of the memorandum of understanding between Italy and Albania for managing illegal migrants.

Rama adds on immigration: “Albania has a history of hospitality. It is the only European country where there were more Jews after the Second World War, where thousands of Italians were protected and were not left prey to the Nazis. We protected thousands of people fleeing from Milosevic from ethnic cleansing, and we gave refuge to Afghan women and families when NATO abandoned Afghanistan.”


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