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Record penalty from Italy to Amazon

Vita Gazette- The technology giant Amazon has beaten the Antitrust’s record of fines: The Competition and Market Authority has imposed a fine of over 1 billion euros (1,128,596,156.33 euros) on the companies Amazon Europe Core, Amazon Services Europe, Amazon, Amazon Italia Services and Amazon Italia Logistica for abuse of dominance

In addition to the sanction, it was announced that Amazon’s activities would also be taken with “corrective measures” and that they would be supervised by a monitoring panel. These measures included introducing “fair and non-discriminatory standards” for third party vendor visibility and sales. The institution took these decisions on the basis of Article 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. Amazon: unfair sanctions, we will appeal.

Amazon abuses its dominant position

The Competition and Market Authority, which fights the monopoly, has accused Amazon of abusing its dominant position and said the tech giant has harmed rival operators in the e-commerce logistics service. He said Amazon has strengthened its market dominance by giving its logistics service an edge. And he noted that Amazon puts sellers who are not using the fulfillment service in a difficult situation with the extra opportunities it offers to its customers benefiting from prime service on days like Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Prime Day. It also pointed out that Amazon offers benefits such as greater visibility to sellers who use the fulfillment service called “Fulfillment by Amazon”. It was also pointed out that Amazon hurt its rival markets with its shipping companies.

Amazon cases

Jeff Bezos, CEO of, was called to testify in the United States Congress “due to monopoly allegations”. The European Commission, the EU’s executive authority, is also conducting a separate investigation into Amazon. Famous American writer Dave Eggers didn’t want his latest book, The Every, about the danger posed by tech companies, to be sold on Amazon. Eggers states: “The power of monopolies to dictate our choices is one of the themes of my book. This is a good opportunity to oppose the Amazon monopoly that currently governs the world of books”.

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