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Rome under the lights of the Renaissance

Vita gazette – Rome shines with the lights of its cultural values ​​and unique beauty, art and artist. Piazza Navona and Palazzo Senatorio (top of Campidoglio) take its visitors on a journey of art and history with artist projections inspired by the drawings of the Roman Renaissance. Artworks accompanied by lights remind of the importance of ‘rebirth’ in Renaissance colors…

The capital city of Rome is presenting a meaningful spectacle to its residents and guests these days. It reminds the world, which has been writhing in the grip of Corona for almost two years, the importance of rebirth with a magnificent light show. In this context, the immortal city, surrounded by both ancient and contemporary lights, shines with artist projections with the project realized by Roma Capitale and Zètema. The façade of Palazzo Braschi and Palazzo Pamphilj in Piazza Navona presents 14 works symbolically attributed to the concept of nativity, from Michelangelo to Bernini. In the Capitoline, works such as The Creation of Adam, Apollo and Daphne are featured.

The light show, realized within the framework of the project supported by Roma Capitale and Zètema, will continue until January 6th.


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