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Italy’s peace plan is on the tables

Vita gazette – A four-stage plan for the war in Ukraine, submitted by Italy to the United Nations, was examined between the parties. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko reported that he received the plan proposed by Italy and is being studied. Ukrainian officials also confirmed that they are examining the proposals.

The peace plan presented by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is being studied by Russia and Ukraine. The plan involves the following four stages.

– The first step involves a ceasefire, to be negotiated while the fighting is still ongoing. The ceasefire should be accompanied by supervisory mechanisms and the demilitarization of the front line, to discuss the open issues and prepare the ground for a definitive cessation of hostilities.

– Then the multilateral negotiations on the future international status of Ukraine. And in particular on the possible condition of neutrality in Kyiv (but compatible with EU membership) to be discussed in a peace conference.

– The third point concerns the definition of the bilateral agreement between Russia and Ukraine on territorial issues, again after international mediation, with Crimea and Donbas at the centre. Here many variables would come into play: borders, sovereignty, territorial control, the legislative and constitutional provisions of these areas, and the political measures of self-government. And includes linguistic and cultural rights, the free movement of people, goods, capital and services, the conservation of historical heritage and certain timed revision clauses.

– Finally the fourth stage. A new multilateral agreement on peace and security in Europe is proposed, in the context of the OSCE and the Neighborhood Policy of the European Union. A reorganization of international balances, starting with the relationship between the European Union and Moscow.

To manage this diplomatic commitment would be GIF, the International Facilitation Group. Italy proposes that countries and international organizations, in particular, the UN and the EU, be part of it.

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