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Russian Ministry of Defense: USA is working for a new pandemic

Vita gazette – The Russian Ministry of Defense announced: “The US has begun preparations for a new pandemic by searching for virus mutations.”

In the statement made by the Chief of the Radiological, Chemical and Biological Protection Union of the Russian Armed Forces, Igor Kirillov, “The opening of the Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policies Office, which was brought to the head of the Chief of Staff of the General Staff, Brigadier General Paul Friedrichs in the USA, is a new initiative, as the USA did in 2019. It is an indication that you are getting ready for a pandemic”.

Kirillov stated that the priority areas of the office established in the USA include creating vaccines and drugs to stop viruses and their genetically modified variants and integrating advanced technologies into biological production.

The US wants to establish global control over the biological situation

Noting that establishing such an office is a step towards global control of the biological situation by the United States, the Russian commander emphasised that Washington can carry out extensive military-practice studies with dangerous pathogens, which are components of biological weapons.

Pandemics benefit US pharmaceutical companies.

Stating that the diseases that are of interest to the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) spread as a pandemic for the benefit of US pharmaceutical companies, Kirillov said, “Pathogens such as Kovid-19, bird flu, African swine plague, which are of interest to the Pentagon, then spread as a pandemic, and from this, American pharmaceutical companies benefits” he said.

Ukraine in US biological programs

Noting that the previously published list of representatives of Ukrainian government agencies and private companies involved in American military biological programs has been expanded with newly seized documents, Kirillov said that the Ukrainian Center for Science and Technology (STCU) subsidises research involving the Pentagon, including in the field of biological weapons. He also stated that it functions as a distribution centre.

“Nataliya Dudko was the project coordinator and senior expert at the Ukrainian Science and Technology Center (STCU). He coordinated over 250 STCU projects in various scientific fields for 25 years” and went on to list the names:

“Lyudmila Chernenko is the director general of the Community Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. He is on the list of Ukrainian experts involved in implementing US-funded research projects. Aleksandr Matskov is Deputy Director General of the Community Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Oversaw the overall implementation of the US-funded dual-use Covid-19 project.

Kirillov stated that the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) will play the leading role in the Pentagon’s military biological program.

Stating that the Institute was established based on a biological weapons development facility in Fort Detrick and includes a biological laboratory with maximum physical isolation (BSL-4), the commander emphasised that “It is the main part of the Global Biological Surveillance System (EIDSS) established by the Pentagon”.

“We do not exclude the use of so-called defence technologies by the USA for offensive purposes and also for global management by creating biological crises,” Kirillov continued, naming the names of three US experts who were involved in the dual-target project to study Kovid-19 on the territory of Ukraine. Also disclosed.

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