Lazio and Lombardy regional elections: Meloni: “Stronger government

Regionals Lombardy and Lazio in the centre-right: Fontana and Rocca win with over 50% of the votes. The centre-right and Giorgia Meloni rejoice over the results of the exit polls of the regional elections in Lazio and Lombardy. “Stronger Government”. The overall voter turnout is so low…

Mirror of San Remo!

“If you feel pain, you’re alive. If you feel other people’s pain, you’re a human being,” says Leo Tolstoy. In this context, the importance of art emerges:

Environmental vandals: This time they attacked the senate

A new raid by the environmental group Ultima Generazione hit the Senate on Monday morning. The activists sprayed orange paint on the facade of Palazzo Madama with fire extinguishers in Rome, smearing some windows and a door. Three were arrested, and two were charged.

Italy sends weapons to Ukraine also in 2023

The Council of Ministers has approved the so-called NATO decree, to extend until 31 December 2023. Moscow accuses the USA and the Atlantic Alliance of being involved in the conflict, “supplying weapons and training soldiers on the territory of the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy.”