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Global warming knows no bounds!

Vita gazette – The effects of global warming have reached their limits. A melting glacier in the Alps changed the line between Switzerland and Italy.

The retreat of Theodul Glacier affected a drainage area between the two countries, the point where meltwater would flow from either side of the mountain to one country or the other. The retreat of Theodul Glacier also caused it to flow towards the Rifugio Guide del Cervino, a resort. Water began to flow under the building.

When the resort was built on a rocky hill in 1984, its 40 beds and long wooden tables were entirely on Italian soil. But now, two-thirds of the cottage, including most of the beds and the restaurant, is technically located in southern Switzerland. In this regard, an agreement was signed in Florence in November 2021. But the result will be announced only after it is approved by the Swiss government and will not happen before 2023.

The Theodul Glacier lost almost a quarter of its mass between 1973 and 2010. This changed the drainage section by exposing the rock below to ice, forcing the two neighbors to redraw a 100-metre-long section of their boundary. Alain Wicht, chief border border officer of the Swiss National Mapping Agency Swisstopo, tasked with tracing the border watershed line where the Italian-Swiss border crosses the Alpine glaciers, said such adjustments are often made and problems are often resolved without involving politicians. This problem will be solved by keeping the facility in Italy… But what about global warming and its effects!

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