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The island of Tenerife is on fire: thousands of hectares have turned to ashes

Vita gazette – Tenerife, Canary Islands, devastated by flames. Several areas were evacuated. As the forest fire on the Spanish island of Tenerife gradually spreads, 3,273 hectares of land have turned ash.

The forest fire, which started on Tuesday in the nature park northeast of Tenerife Island of Spain’s Canary Islands, cannot be extinguished.

The flames are spreading despite the work carried out with 17 aircraft, 350 firefighters and military personnel.

So far,  ​​3 thousand 273 hectares have turned to ash in the fire.

President of the Autonomous Administration of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, said at night, “The fire is still spreading. But our priority is to protect the populated areas. “This is probably the most complex fire we’ve had in the Canary Islands in at least the last 40 years.”

Clavijo said crews were working day and night, but the fire was “out of control”. The firefighting continues.

According to Spanish government data, forest fires in the year’s first seven months burned  ​​​​about 64 thousand hectares.

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