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Sanctions began to reflect the mad face of war: 

Global immortals are also di “bandit”

Renzi: Banning Dostoevsky is insane

Vita gazette – After Russia’s military operation against Ukraine, the sanctions initiated by the USA, EU and NATO on the grounds of “deterrence” began to “dissolve”. The world of art, literature, sports and cinema was also swept away by the winds of sanctions imposed on economic, military, transportation and social life. The latest “universal immortals” Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky and his white swans have been added to the list of Russian undesirables.

The Western Bloc’s sanctions against Russia have begun to reach the areas of human rights and freedom, the cult and artistic life, and even to global names whose physical death has occurred, that is, to a dangerous point.

The Dostoevsky of the world is now objectionable!

Milan-Bicocca University in Italy, taking into account the developments in the last week, decided to remove the Dostoevsky course from the program. And the decision was made in an e-mail to the writer Paolo Nori, who will give the lecture. The message read, “Dear professor, this morning the vice-chancellor and the rector announced their decision to postpone the Dostoevsky course. The aim was not to cause any polemics, especially within the university, in this tense period we are in.”

Very upset by this, Nori announced that the class was cancelled with a video she posted on social media. Nori, who writes books on Russian and Russian literature, announced that the university administration postponed the four-course on Dostoevsky at the University of Milan-Bicocca. Making a very emotional speech, Nori said, “What happened in Ukraine is terrible, I cry when I think about it. What happened in Italy as a result of this is ridiculous. “I can’t believe an Italian university banned a course on Dostoevsky,” he said.

After the incident was heard, Italians began to show their reactions on social media. The university administration, which had to take a step back due to the avalanche of reactions, announced that the course would be held as planned.

“Destroy the statue”

Florence Mayor Dario Nardella said that they also received the request to demolish the Dostoevsky statue in Florence. The statue of Dostoevsky was unveiled in Florence last December, due to the 200th anniversary of Dostoevsky’s birth. Nardella, who did not explain where and from whom the call came, said, “This is not a war of one people against another. “Let’s focus on stopping Putin as soon as possible instead of canceling hundreds of years of Russian culture,” he said.

Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina is also on the list!

Netflix has cancelled the shooting of Anna Karenina, the novel written by Tolstoy.

Tchaikovsky’s Swans were also sacrificed

Greece cancelled the “Swan Lake Ballet” performance, Russian cultural institutions and events were suspended. Greek Minister of Culture and Sports, Lina Mendoni, stated that the famous Bolshoi ballet gave up the event of broadcasting Russian composer Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” performance in Moscow on Sunday at the Athens Palace of Culture.

Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival management announced that the Russian delegation will not be accepted to the event, which will be held for the 74th time in May.

Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures has cancelled the Russian screenings of its upcoming films.

Warner Bros

The day before the premiere, it cancelled the Russian screening of “Batman” starring Robert Pattinson.

Walt Disney

The Walt Disney production company announced that it has suspended the distribution of its films to theatres in Russia. US film production company Walt Disney, in a statement on its Twitter address, stated that Pixar, the subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, has stopped the screenings in Russia of all other feature-length productions, including the ‘Turning Red’ animated movie, which will be released in March.


The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has announced that Russia will not be able to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, which will be held in Turin, Italy in May.

The Russian conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra was also a victim!

Valery Gergiev, the conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, known as the leading interpreter of the Russian opera repertoire of the 21st century, was dismissed. Gergiev was also forced to resign from his position as honorary chairman of the Edinburgh International Festival.


Lithuania banned all artists from Russia from entering the country. Requested the dismissal of Artistic Director Rimas Tuminas.

Renzi: Banning Dostoevsky is insane

Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said, “Milan Bicocca University has stopped Paolo Nori’s Dostoevsky lectures. Banning Dostoevsky’s work to oppose Putin is insane. In such a period, it is necessary to study more, not less. Universities need teachers, not incompetent bureaucrats,” he said.

Fratoinanni: Culture is the antidote to war and violence

Nicola Fratoianni, leader of the Party of the Italian Left, said: “The strongest antidote to war and violence is culture. “Stopping culture is a stupid and violent choice,” he said.

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