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Bailo Bailo celebrates the spirit of Raffaella Carra

Vita gazette – Raffaella Carrà conquers Spain with the musical Bailo Bailo, which will soon arrive in Italy.

Bailo Bailo, the musical with Raffaella Carrà songs, debuted in Spain. The Capitol Theater in Madrid hosted the world premiere of the musical, with all the artist’s significant hits sung live, which will also arrive in Italy in a year.

Raffaella Carrà is the great protagonist of the musical Bailo Bailo. The artist’s songs accompany the story of María, a young girl determined to make her way in the world of television in 1970s Spain.

The musical, which celebrates the legacy and artistic influence of Raffaella Carrà, has opened its doors at the Capitol Theater in Madrid. A riot of colours, lights, love and lots and lots of freedom. The show perfectly embodies the artist’s spirit, expressing the strength and beauty of being yourself on every occasion.

Lydia Fairén is María, the protagonist of the musical set in 1970s Spain. The girl is a young dancer with a desire for freedom in a period of censorship and rigidity, even in the world of television. The protagonist talks about the strength of believing in one’s dreams by fighting against adversity, accompanied by the eternal songs of Raffaella Carrà.

The other two protagonists of the musical are Pedro and Rosabella, played respectively by Dani Tatay and Natalia Millán. The cast also includes Chete Guzmán, Pepe Lucas and Naim Thomas in the roles of Miguel, Carmen and Jordi. Directed by Federico Bellone, choreography by Gillian Bruce, musical supervision by Giovanni Maria Lori and production by Valeria Arzenton.

Raffaella Carrà’s spirit and energy are immune to the test of time and capable of conquering new generations and those who remember them very well.

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