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Continuing to live with masks in Italy

Vita Gazette – It was decided to continue the masks that guarantee protection against the Corona Virus. The obligation to wear masks in closed areas and where there is intense communication with people has been extended until 15 June. A strong recommendation was made for other places. So the mask will continue to be in our lives.

Health Minister Roberto Speranza signed the ordinance providing for the extension “until June 15” in some areas of the use of masks indoors. Consequently, extended obligation masks for hospitals, transport, health facilities, and all events in cinemas, theatres, sports halls, entertainment and music venues. Recommended use for shops and supermarkets

It will be possible to enter places where masks are mandatory with surgical masks with FFP2 type respiratory protection. This application, which will start on May 1st, will be valid until June 15th, for now.

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