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The Carnival of Venice, the city of dreams

Vita gazette – The Venice Carnival, one of the most popular events of the year, has started. The colourful costumes and masks of the Venice Festival have been added to the fairytale glow of the legendary city. In every corner of the city, stages were set up that reflected the atmosphere of the 18th century with artists, costumes, wigs, masks and delicate bows. The gondolas, whose rudder was turned to another era, have begun to lead visitors on a journey through time that will last until 1 March.

In those days the lagoon city is covered with a special aura that makes it shine with new light. The eighteenth-century atmospheres recur punctually through costumes, wigs, masks and courteous bows. The origins of the Venice Carnival, expected every year around the world, dating back to 1094. The first official information on the subject can be found in a document of Doge Falier. This document refers to a festival held in February 1094. It denoted the period of parties and entertainment proclaimed by the Serenissima government. But it is claimed that it is actually a formula invented to distract the public. According to this view, this period of holidays and fun was invented to relieve the tensions that have built up due to the living conditions. Whatever the purpose, if today we are able to enjoy unique beauty and a special event like the Venice Carnival, we should thank those who started this tradition. The content of the festival was enriched with annual celebrations, events reminiscent of glorious periods and important historical events. And today we have reached the days when beautiful programs were displayed one after the other.


Feast of the Mary’s

The festival, which began with the exhibition of living paintings by Rossana Molinatti, continues with the Venice on water exhibition at Rio Cannaregio. The games, music, projected images and acrobatics transform this corner of Venice into a floating stage in the calm waters of the canal, in the event that covers the entire length of the Rio Cannaregio, from the light to the Jewish quarter. The Festa Marie event will take place on February 19th. It refers to a Venetian tradition in which on February 2, the day of the Blessed Virgin, the marriage of 12 girls chosen from among the poorest in the city is consecrated. The wealthy classes on this occasion made donations, which constituted the dowry of the girls. Today, girls aged between 18 and 28, residing in Venice or outside the city, can participate in the event. On February 19, the procession will start from the Church of San Pietro al Castello around 2.30 pm, continuing along Via Garibaldi and Riva Schiavoni, arriving in Piazza San Marco around 4.00 pm.

The flight of the angel

Scheduled for February 20, “The Flight of the Angel” recalls the episode in which a Saracen sees a hero who tries to slide down a rope from the Campanile di San Marco to reach his boat. Today, instead of Sarazen, the winner of the Marie Contest of the previous year takes flight from the Angel’s Bell Tower to the Doge’s Palace.

The best mask contest

On February 27, the protagonists of the festival, the masks, will compete. Fantasy, creativity, creativity and tradition are the ingredients to create the most beautiful mask. The next day there will be the competition of the most beautiful masks and the awarding of the children.

Marie competition award ceremony

The winner of the Marie Contest will be announced on March 1st. The person who will take off from the bell tower next year will also be chosen. And the carnival will end with a roar. A large banner with the image of the representative lion will be hoisted at the Campanile di San Marco. And the carnival will end with the music that will accompany this ceremony.

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