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Artificial intelligence also stole the password from the key sound!

Vita gazette – Artificial intelligence technology, which has started to take place in all areas of life, has also been stolen. Artificial intelligence can also steal passwords from fundamental sound.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly progressing in its ability to simulate human intelligence and perform tasks that were once reserved only for humans. However, recent developments in AI have raised new concerns regarding privacy and cybersecurity. One such development is the ability of an AI system to guess your password by listening to the sound of the keys you press.

AI can understand your password, hacker danger: be careful when you type it. A study by the Universities of Durham, Surrey, and Royal Holloway from England determined that artificial intelligence could convey what was ordered with 95 per cent accuracy by listening to the critical sounds on the keyboard.

The artificial intelligence, which the researchers coded to recognise the sounds of keystrokes on a 2021 computer, could distinguish each keystroke through the microphone during an online call and via a phone. Researchers warn that training artificial intelligence technologies in this direction by hackers can create serious security vulnerabilities.

To mitigate this risk of a sensitive data breach, there are a few steps users can take. First, you can restrict access to your device’s microphone while typing in passwords. Also, using complex passwords, which don’t follow a predictable pattern, can make it harder for the AI ​​to guess the keystroke correctly.

On the other hand, hardware manufacturers can also contribute to digital security. For example, they could develop silent or noise-cancelling keyboards to make it more difficult for the AI ​​to distinguish specific key sounds.


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