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Joe Biden: Putin who prefers war will see results

Vita Gazette –  US President Joe Biden stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin preferred war and said, “He and his country will suffer the consequences of this. Biden said that they will impose all kinds of economic sanctions against Russia, which he accuses of recognizing the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics in Ukraine.

President Biden stated that they will hit Russia with economic weapons, such as EU member states, UAE, Japan. He noted that NATO will act together on this issue.

The economic sanctions decisions are summarized as follows:

– Russia will be restricted from trading in dollars, euros and yen.

– Sanctions will be imposed on 4 Russian banks, including VTB.

– Russian elite and their families will also be added to the sanctions list

The US will send more troops to Germany

– When necessary, the requirements of Article 5, NATO’s collective defence article, will be fulfilled.

– Sanctions will be imposed on space activities

Noting that they removed Russia’s largest banks from the US financial system, Biden said, “We have added new ones to the list of Russian elites, oligarchs and family members. They will also be subject to sanctions. On Tuesday, we restricted Russia’s ability to find funding. We’re talking about companies with $1.4 trillion in assets. We will squeeze the financial and technology sector in Russia and we will see its capacity dwindle in the coming years. We have decided to cut Russia’s high-tech exports in half.”

“We are with NATO”

In his speech, Biden said, “Tomorrow will be the NATO Summit. We will show strong solidarity. NATO is more united and more determined than ever before. We can say that we will do our best to protect the eastern countries of Europe. We will continue our work with the American Air Force. I spoke to our Chief of Staff. If needed, additional troops will be deployed,” he said

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