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Tours continue after Boris Johnson collapse

Vita gazette – With the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson from the Conservative Party leadership and the post of prime minister on 7 July, the process continues for the election of the new party leader and prime minister.

In the UK, the number of candidates for the Conservative Party leadership and prime minister fell from 8 to 6 in the first vote. In the voting, former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak took first place with 88 votes. In the second round of voting, Rishi Sunak retained the first place.

With Braverman eliminated in the race for prime minister, five candidates remained. Three more candidates will be eliminated in the voting to be held between 18-21 July. As of July 21, the remaining two candidates will continue to run their political campaigns to get votes. The British Prime Minister will be announced on 5 September. Johnson, who resigned, will remain as prime minister until a new leader is elected.

                                                     Rishi Sunak

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