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Shooting at the University of Prague: at least 11 dead

Vita gazette – The provisional toll from the shooting in the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague is eleven dead and thirty injured, nine of them seriously. Police confirmed that the armed assailant had been “eliminated”.

According to initial findings, 11 people died, including the attacker and 30 people were injured in the armed attack against the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

The shooter was killed.

Czech Interior Minister Vit Rakusan confirmed on Czech public television that the person who opened fire had been eliminated. Rakusan added that there were no other shooters at large and that there was no further imminent danger but urged citizens to cooperate with police. “The entire building is currently evacuated, and there are several dead and dozens injured,” the police added.

According to the first images released by local media, an armed man opened fire from the roof. Some people in the university remained locked in the classrooms; others were evacuated. The police closed the entire area around Jan Palach Square, blocked traffic and diverted trams and buses. The authorities have invited citizens not to linger near the square and not to go out.

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