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We have another virus: Its name is Langya

Vita gazette: A new virus has emerged in China. The virus, which is assumed to be transmitted from animals to humans and has been detected in approximately 35 people so far, has been followed by scientists and disease control centers.

Global warming, climate crisis, the nature we destroy increase the risk and speed of transmission of viruses from animals to humans. The virus outbreaks that have dominated the world in recent years are also an indicator of this. When we said corona and its versions, we came across monkey pox and now the Langya virus.

Langya (Layv) was detected in 35 people in the Chinese provinces of Shantung and Henan. While most of these cases occurred in farmers, some occurred among factory workers. There is currently no evidence of the virus spreading between humans. Experts think that these people caught the virus from animals. The virus was detected in 27 percent of the shrews tested, 5 percent of the dogs and 2 percent of the goats.

It was stated that the virus, about which the first findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine, was mostly seen in shrews. Co-author of the study, Professor of Duke-NUS School of Medicine. Symptoms of the virus, which has not caused death or serious illness so far, include symptoms such as fever, fatigue and cough. However, experts point out that viruses found in nature can lead to unpredictable results in the periods when they are first transmitted to humans, and they state that care should be taken.

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