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Vita gazette – According to the annual ranking of the Sole 24 Ore, the most livable province in 2021 is Trieste, followed by Milan and Trento. The capital Rome, on the other hand, took 13th place in the ranking.


As has been the case at the end of every year since 1990, also this December Il Sole 24 Ore published a ranking of the Italian provinces on the basis of the quality of life, which takes into account various parameters, including work, environment, health, safety and culture. As had already happened to create the 2020 ranking, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the well-being of the population was also analyzed for this year: with some interesting consequences on the position of the provinces considered more liveable.


The goal of the Sole 24 Ore survey is to measure various aspects of well-being in the various areas of Italy starting from certified indicators relating to the previous 12 months and provided by official sources, including institutions and research institutes. Based on this year’s analysis, the most livable Italian province in 2021 is Trieste, followed by Milan and Trento, third also in 2020.


A total of 90 indicators were used to fine-tune the ranking, divided equally into 6 macro categories: “wealth and consumption”, “business and work”, “environment and services”, “demography and health”, “justice and safety” and “Culture and free time”. Trieste ranked first in this last category, second in “business and work” and fourth in “environment and services”, confirming its progressive improvement in the ranking of well-being in recent years (in 2020 it had finished fifth).

 Bolzano                                                 Bologna                                                   Pordenone 

The province of Milan, on the other hand, has recovered ten positions compared to last year, when it had dropped from the first to the 12th position also due to the average living space available to each family, a parameter that was inserted in 2020 to evaluate the long time that the Italians had had to pass into the house following the pandemic. In 2021 Milan was ranked first for “wealth and consumption” and “business and work”, coming ahead of the other provinces in particular for the average annual salary, for the incidence of companies that do e-commerce and for the diffusion of services online banking, specifies the Sun.

 Verona                                                 Udine                                                 Treviso 

Bologna has lost some positions in the ranking this year, but nevertheless came first in the “demography, society and health” indicator thanks to the high levels of education of the population. Treviso, one of the seven provinces of the north-east among the top ten in the rankings, then entered the top ten thanks to the primacy in the “quality of life of women” indicator, introduced for the first time this year to evaluate attention to gender issues and the well-being of small towns in the recovery after the pandemic.

 Parma                                                  Monza-Brianza                                               Belluno 

According to the survey by the Sun, most of the Italian provinces where the worst lives in 2021 are located in the South: the three worst in the rankings are Trapani, Foggia and Crotone, respectively at positions 105, 106 and 107.

 Reggio Emilia                                         Cagliari                                              Brescia                                           

Here is the list

  1. Trieste
  2. Milano
  3. Trento
  4. Aosta
  5. Bolzano
  6. Bologna
  7. Pordenone
  8. Verona
  9. Udine
  10. Treviso
  11. Firenze
    12. Parma
    13. Roma
    14. Monza-Brianza
    15. Siena
    16. Venezia
    17. Como
    18. Belluno
    19. Reggio Emilia
    20. Cagliari
    21. Brescia
    22. Pisa
    23. Gorizia
    24. Modena
    25. Lecco
    26. Genova
    27. Ravenna
    28. Vicenza
    29. Sondrio
    30. Ancona
    31. Torino
    32. Novara
    33. Padova
    34. Cuneo
    35. Ascoli Piceno
    36. Varese
    37. Cremona
    38. Piacenza
    39. Bergamo
    40. Forlì-Cesena
    41. Arezzo
    42. La Spezia
    43. Rimini
    44. Savona
    45. Ferrara
    46. Terni
    47. Mantova
    48. Vercelli
    49. Pescara
    50. Verbano-Cusio-Ossola
    51. Macerata
    52. Perugia
    53. Grosseto
    54. Prato
    55. Livorno
    56. Pesaro-Urbino
    57. Lodi
    58. Lucca
    59. Biella
    60. Pavia
    61. Rovigo
    62. L’Aquila
    63. Chieti
    64. Sassari
    65. Asti
    66. Nuoro
    67. Oristano
    68. Teramo
    69. Fermo
    70. Alessandria
    71. Bari
    72. Massa-Carrara
    73. Pistoia
    74. Matera
    75. Rieti
    76. Sud Sardegna
    77. Imperia
    78. Viterbo
    79. Lecce
    80. Campobasso
    81. Isernia
    82. Frosinone
    83. Latina
    84. Agrigento
    85. Potenza
    86. Benevento
    87. Ragusa
    88. Cosenza
    89. Salerno
    90. Napoli
    91. Brindisi
    92. Enna
    93. Avellino
    94. Barletta-Andria-Trani
    95. Palermo
    96. Catanzaro
    97. Messina
    98. Siracusa
    99. Taranto
    100. Caserta
    101. Reggio Calabria
    102. Catania
    103. Caltanissetta
    104. Vibo Valentia
    105. Trapani
    106. Foggia
    107. Crotone
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