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Dünyada sağlıklı havası olan şehirler artık yok!

Vita gazette – According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are hardly any cities in the world with healthy air. 99% of the world’s population breathes poor-quality air. In the report, it was pointed out that the damage to the heart, blood vessels, brain and respiratory tract due to pollution has reached alarming proportions.

In the report published by the organization before World Health Day on April 7, data and results on air quality were shared in 117 countries and over 6,000 cities. Almost everybody in the world breathes air containing too many pollutants, the World Health Organization said. This is explained by a vast study conducted by the latter, which analyzed the data of more than six thousand cities in 117 countries around the world. Concluding, in fact, 99 per cent of the inhabitants are forced to live in an unhealthy environment.

Abandoning fossil fuels is crucial for protecting the climate and health

Particularly worrying are the values ​​of particulate matter (fine dust) and nitrogen oxides. In situations that are particularly polluting especially in poor countries or with intermediate income levels. For this reason, according to the WHO, the only possible solution is to abandon fossil fuels, which is also an obligatory step to combat the current climate crisis.

The consequences of exposure to pollutants for organisms are also increasingly studied and certain: in particular as regards PM2.5 fine particles, capable of penetrating deep into the lungs and reaching blood vessels, causing cardiovascular, cerebral and respirators.

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