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Turkey: “We do not plan sanctions against Russia”

Vita Gazzette – After China, the message arrived from Turkey “We have no intention of imposing sanctions against Russia”. Presidential spokesman İbrahim Kalın said an actor the Russians can trust should “be in the middle and balanced”.

İbrahim Kalın answered questions from Ankara CNN TÜRK representative Dicle Canova about what steps Turkey will take in the Ukraine-Russia crisis and how the Montreux Convention will be implemented.

How will Montreux be implemented?

Montreux is fundamental. Points 19, 20 and 21 are clear. The rules are exactly enforced. Passing ships going to war cannot pass through the Bosphorus. However, ships returning to the mooring port can pass through here. No question of close. Let me tell you in a sentence expressed by our President, we are interpreting Montreux in a way that does not increase tensions. If they make the Black Sea port of this business, the tension will spread further. We do our best to avoid such applications. Since it has been applied until now, it will continue the same way.

“We are not planning a sanction package”

“We are not planning anything like a package of sanctions. We have to act by taking into account the priorities of our country. There needs to be an actor who can talk to Russia. Who will talk to Russia when everyone throws bridges? We are not planning a sanction package to keep this channel open.

Here, Russia needs to make a strategic calculation and stop this war immediately. Otherwise, they will have to pay the price.’”

“Russia’s demands are unrealistic”

Stating that the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine were not easy, Kalın said, “Russia has unrealistic demands. Like the recognition of Crimea, the disarmament of Ukraine. From our point of view, these are not acceptable demands. Our focus is on the end of this war. “A ceasefire decision will be made at the negotiating table, and a humanitarian corridor will be created,” he said.

“The picture is not very promising”

Problematic issues were brought up until the war decision, but they could not be tied to one place. As a result, Russia took such an action. We said it was technically a war. He needs to take greater responsibility on the Russian side. We are focusing our efforts in this direction. I don’t want to be pessimistic, but the picture I see is not very promising. What will happen tonight and tomorrow shows that the picture is not so heartbreaking.

“They may not meet tomorrow”

Negotiations are not easy. If negotiations are used for the purpose of gaining time, they will not produce results. The meaning of negotiations disappears. They probably won’t be able to meet tomorrow. There are technical things they discuss. They talked to each other. It could probably be delayed for a day or two. We are in contact with the negotiating teams.

EU-NATO does not take steps for Turkey

Kalin also expressed the following views on Ukraine’s candidacy to the EU. For the West, the country it immediately turns to for support is Turkey, an important ally. Our Western counterparts are telling us, do not to break the bridges with Russia. We tell them that we have no such intention. But in normal times, whether it’s NATO or the EU, why don’t you take steps to address Turkey’s concerns? Does such a disaster have to be experienced in order to understand the importance of Turkey? If they approach the issue with the right strategy, they should take quick steps to meet Turkey’s basic needs. This is in Turkey’s interest, in their interest as well.

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