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Mestre accident: at least 20 dead

Vita gazette – In Mestre, in the province of Venice, a bus fell from the Vempa overpass. According to the prefecture, there are 21 deaths, including two children and 18 injured.


A bus fell from an overpass in Mestre. After touching the electricity cables, it caught fire. It was an NCC vehicle, rented for its guests by a campsite in Marghera, the bus that crashed from an overpass in Mestre, with a fall of over ten metres. The accident occurred just before 8 p.m. on the Mestre Link Road overpass. In the first downhill stretch, the bus, for reasons to be ascertained, broke through the parapet, fell and ended up between a warehouse and the station tracks, catching fire. Some of the first victims recovered burned to death.


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