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Arezzo: Christmas splendor

Anna Maria Tardiolo– While walking through the medieval alleys that line the city of Arezzo as if they were light wrinkles on the enchanting face of a noble woman of other times, heading towards Piazza Grande, the joyful Christmas atmosphere pervades the soul of the visitors at every step. year on the occasion of the 6th edition and until December 26th, they will want to visit the largest Tirolese markets in Italy. On the occasion of the event, the main square of the city, its alleys are dotted with lights and colors that illuminate the enthusiastic faces of the visitors who wander among the thirty-two wooden houses and the two huts that make up the Tirolese Village. Listening a little, a set of languages ​​overlap each other when you pause to admire the fabrics, the blown and hand-painted Christmas balls, the products created by talented craftsmen: exhibitors from all over the world. World have come this far to participate in this event. The scenery is further enriched with a touch of green given by the Christmas Garden: a green area consisting of plants and fir trees dedicated to gifts and sustainable purchases and with the Christmas Brick, an area of ​​three hundred square meters made entirely with Lego bricks! In the evening, then, the main square, Piazza Grande, the fulcrum of this city rich in art, culture, history, home to artists and poets such as Francesco Petrarca and Giorgio Vasari; which was the seat of the oldest university in Tuscany, one of the first in Europe; city ​​of gold and fashion; a city with a great artistic heritage that preserves within its walls works by Piero della Francesca and Cimabue, it becomes the theater of the Big Lights or of luminous projections that color the facades of the buildings that overlook here and of the Vasari loggia that outlines the contours of the square itself . The music that accompanies the play of lights and colors brings the mind back to childish and playful moments.

The Christmas atmosphere infects young and old to whom, above all, the “House of Santa Claus” set up inside Palazzo Fraternita is dedicated, where inside the magnificent frescoed rooms, among which the Audience Hall will certainly not go unnoticed. with his fresco Madonna della Misericordia by Parri di Spinello, a Santa Claus was placed among the largest in Italy illuminated by thousands of LED lights. Finally, at the end of the evening, stopping just for a moment to observe this beautiful, beautiful city, which you may have discovered in the morning as soon as you arrive with the Medici Fortress still wrapped in a mantle of mist, which has been seen to change color and sound during the day, that one got to know it in a new guise by observing it from the window on the first floor of a tavern not far from Piazza Grande, that it was admired through the heritage it offers to those who wish to discover it. In the end, also of one day it will be difficult not to love her…

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