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A French bride and Venus Victrix in Rome in 1700

We are faced with one of the most controversial works of history. Some talked about Pauline Borghese’s nudity, and some spoke about Antonio Canova’s extraordinary realistic touches, especially his ability to make one feel the softness and shine of living skin. However, a careful reading of the details of the sculpture suggests the union of two of the most powerful families in Europe.

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Is it Dante? Is it Beatrice?

City Lighs: Dante Alighieri

700 years have passed since Dante Alighieri’s death, but his works continue to inspire many works of art. His platonic childhood sweetheart Beatrice is said to have influenced his works, especially the Divine Comedy, which is a ‘masterpiece’. Is it true? Is Beatrice the source of those magnificent works?

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How the scream turned into a global sound!

Artworks and cryptic stories: “The Scream”
by Andira Vitale

The work of these years, not the day

The figure with his hands over his ears, the protagonist of the famous painting by the Norwegian artist, is considered a universal symbol of the human feeling of anguish.

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Stendhal or Florence syndrome

by Maria Stella

Marie-Henri Beyle, known as Stendhal, was born today in Grenoble. The Stendhal syndrome, or the Florence syndrome, takes its name from him. Have you ever felt uncomfortable and harmful seeing an admirable work of art? While this may not have happened to you, it may have occurred to another art lover.

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The Woman with an Ermine: A Secret Love Story

Artworks and cryptic stories

The Mona Lisa is not the only mysterious work Leonardo da Vinci brought to human history. The genius has another work that is at least as interesting as his, and whose story is curious. Although it is overshadowed by the Mona Lisa, the number of those who find the Woman with Ermine mysterious cannot be underestimated.

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Abduction of Mona Lisa from the Louvre

One of the most famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci in the world, “Mona Lisa” was the hero of a sensational theft. The painting was stolen from the Louvre Museum in Paris around 7 am on 21 August 1911: it was Monday, the museum was closed. The thief was the Italian Vincenzo Peruggia, who emigrated to France. Years later he tried to get it out from under the bed and sell it. “I stole it for Italy,” he said when he was captured. And he received as little punishment as possible, accompanied by the praises of the Italians.

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