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How we celebrate Easter in Italy

Being Italian – How we celebrate Easter in Italy

Easter Day in Italy is a national holiday commemorating Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death, as written in the Christian bible.

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Epiphany and La Befana

Being Italian: Epiphany and La Befana

We Italians take advantage of every opportunity to increase our time with family and friends… One of these is the feast of the Epiphany and La Befana.

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Sunday lunch…

Being Italian: by Andira Vitale
This is the moment of intimate and loving gathering where all our loved ones sit around the table, eat together, and share experiences and delicacies. We are talking about Sunday lunch, a traditional classic…

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Being Italian – Italian style – Italian life

Beign Italian: Iconic Italian Fiat 500

Another value we cannot give up on these journeys is the Fiat 500. Because the taste of wandering around the narrow and charming historical streets of Italy, the Amalfi coast and the Tuscan vineyards with a Fiat 500 is different.

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Being Italian: “Piano Piano!”

We’ve been talking about presidential elections for days. While it says first, second and third, the blank grades continue to dominate. Yet the political parties have not determined their common candidates. So we Italians say “piano piano!” which means, “slow, slow”. Now is the time to explain our “don’t be in a hurry” philosophy.

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