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Bergamo Film Meetings: March 26 – April 3

A tribute to Tarkovsky and Costa Gavras

Vita gazette – Bergamo Film Meeting dedicated to auteur cinema begins. BFM, which has a very rich program, also pays homage to global immortals such as Andrey Tarkovski, Costa Gavras among the leading figures of the cinema.

One of Italy’s ancient film festivals, the 40-year “Bergamo Film Meetings”, has returned to its expected event, which it took a break during the pandemic period. From Saturday, March 26 to Sunday, April 3, Bergamo will once again be a meeting place for moviegoers: Under the leadership of BFM’s corporate representative Davide Ferrario, director Angelo Signorelli and selection staff, the festival offers a very rich program to its participants. The festival will take the cinephiles to the world of cinema for a week with over one hundred films, documentaries, master classes, webinars, lectures on cinema and animations for children. Two retrospectives dedicated to Costa-Gavras and Danis Tanović and Tarkovsy are among the important events of the festival.

From Saturday 26th to Sunday, April 3rd, the auditorium in Piazza della Libertà and other venues of the festival ( also has a virtual room, information and program) will once again be a multiple meeting place for cinephiles. The pre-opening on Friday, March 25th presents a unique opportunity, the acoustic projection in a restored version of Andrej Tarkovskij’s masterpiece “Stalker” (1979) is among the highlight of the day. Again, among the most important events of the opening day is Costa Gavras’ immortal Z movie, which describes its strategies, actors, institutions and its reflection on innocent individuals. Other films such as Mad City, where Gavras criticizes the media, Amen and Lost, where he examines the relations between religion and politics, also shine as the stars of the festival.

In the BFM international competition, 7 fictional feature films compete for an audience award and a best director award to be determined by the international jury formed under the chairmanship of director Volker Schlondorff. In the closer views section, 12 international independent documentaries are also among the highly anticipated screenings.

Mathieu Gérault-Sentinelle Sud (difficulties caused by the return of the war)

Dietrich Brüggemann-Nö (a thirteen-part film about love)

Mia Maariel Meyer-The Seed (a film about the exploitation of labor)

Iker Elorrieta-The Radio Amateur (An autistic young man obsessed with radio engineering)

Alina Grigore-Blue Moon (The story of a young girl struggling against domestic violence)

Darko Sinko – Inventario (The dilemma of a man being shot by a bodyguard for no reason)

Zdenek Jiráský – Krystof (on the purges of Czech religious institutions in the Stalinist era)

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