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The Godfather : Bar Vitelli

by Ayfer Selamoğlu

I am in the fairytale town of Taormina, which is postcard beautiful in Sicily. I want to explore the mountain village, which is among the places where the movie “The Godfather” was shot, which is at the top of my list of “classic films and immortal directors”. For this, I have to go to Savoca (Sicilian: Sàvuca), a medieval town of Mesina. From Taormina, I am participating in the day tour “Il Padrino-The Godfather-Father”.

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Theater reborn from its ashes: La Fenice

The fate of the Gran Teatro La Fenice, one of the jewel buildings of Venice, is similar to the mythical Phoenix bird, from which it takes its name. On 13December 1836 a fire destroyed the teatro la fenice in Venice, which was rebuilt on the model of the original built in 1790. The theater suffered another fire in 1996. La Fenice theatre was destroyed by arson on 29 January 1996. The theater was then rebuilt…

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Colosseum accessible to all with lift!

The installation work on the Colosseum glass lift, which has been going on for about 5 years, has been completed. The lift has been inaugurated to avoid the 100 steps. Those with walking difficulties will have the opportunity to explore one of the 7 wonders of the world more easily, looking at the magnificent panoramic view.

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The black swans of venice

Beautifil Italy – City segrets

by Natalie Marino

The black gondolas have continued for centuries to be the characteristic symbol of Venice, the city of the Serenissima. People and systems change, but they keep dancing across the channel. Did you know that horses and chariots once ruled over Venice? And the gondolas? How and why did it appear? And why are their colours black? Let’s explore together …

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Where you live best in Italy?

According to the annual ranking of the Sole 24 Ore, the most livable province in 2021 is Trieste, followed by Milan and Trento. The capital Rome, on the other hand, took 13th place in the ranking.

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Bernini in the spirit of Rome

Bernini, a brilliant architect of the Roman Baroque, died in Rome on November 28, 1680.
Roma and Bernini, two names that integrate with each other. Pope Urban VIII said to Bernini: “You are made for Rome. Rome is also for you …”

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Palermo: city of charm and mystery

When a traveler arriving in Palermo looked out the porthole of an airplane, he would see the image of a city lying placidly, as on a spring day, on the shores of a colorful sea degrading from crystalline green to intense blue, an elegant, aristocratic lady.

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Religious bond stretching from ancient Antioch to Taormina

Sicily’s pearl in the sea, the celestial star, Taormina, unexpectedly connects the most important date to the East is 40 AD, marking the arrival of the Bishop of Antioch, San Pancrazio. Let’s focus on the figure of San Pancrazio di Antiochia, because the first bishop of Taormina was truly a “Turk”!

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Getting lost in Rome

If you happen to get lost in Rome, don’t go back! Let yourself be guided by the labyrinthine alleys into squares with considered by tourist maps.

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Venice is protected by Big Brother

Venice asks Big Brother to control the crowd. The center of attraction, where the excessive concentration of tourists does not make the residents of the city breathe, is watched by closed-circuit television and telephone monitoring.

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