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Green pass al lavoro…

Gazette vita – In Italy, Kovid certification has become mandatory for all employees in all sectors. Fines of up to 1,500 Euros have been imposed on businesses.

With its entry into force on 15 October, the decree was approved that will spread the green certificate to the entire world of work: the Italian government has made the green passport mandatory in the workplace. Nearly 23 million people, including maids, babysitters and taxi drivers, will have to show they have had the Covid-19 vaccine, have been ill, or show PCR test results. Those who do not have a Covid certificate will not be fired, but will be suspended without pay. Businesses will also pay a fine of up to 1500 Euros.

After days of tension and divisions, the Council of Ministers unanimously approved the new decree extending the green certificate to the entire working world, public and private, from 15 October to 31 December. With this decree, Italy once again became a pioneer in Europe. Green certification is now mandatory for 23 million people: The new decree covers workers in the public administration, private companies large and small, taxi drivers, babysitters, and self-employed such as cleaners and carers. From October 15, even professionals will have to have a vaccination passport. The application will also be applied to all people who carry out their work, education or volunteer activities in administrations for any reason.

To be exempt from the new decree, it is necessary to have a medical certificate. Sanctions include harsh penalties such as suspension from work and pay cuts. The situation with smart workings working from home has not been determined yet. According to the directives to be determined by Prime Minister Draghi, Renato Brunetta e Roberto Speranza will make the decision regarding this segment. The unjustified absence period, which can be 15 days for magistrates, is also waiting to be clarified within this framework.

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