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April 15: The first National Made in Italy Day

Made in Italy is celebrated: April 15 is the National Day dedicated to Italian excellence. It is celebrated every year on April 15, the Day of the birth of Leonardo da Vinci, a symbol of Italian genius and creativity. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man was chosen as the symbol of this Day.

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Easter artwork

The works on Easter to the greatest Italian painters and artists: From Raphael to Caravaggio, passing through Giotto and Andrea Mantegna, this is how the great Masters celebrated the victory of the Risen One over death.

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Sanremo 2024: Global messages that shine under the stars

Sanremo 2024 chooses the winner among the stars today. The top five from the first to the fourth evening are Geolier, Angelina Mango, Geolier and Loredana Berté. This year will also be remembered for the calls for peace made under the stars, the global messages, and the blunders.

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Sanremo 2024, the third evening

Sanremo 2024, The Thursday, 8 February program includes singers, songs, and festival guests. The singers compete in order of release, and the songs of the 15 Bigs will be performed this evening. The top five classified of the second evening of Sanremo…

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Sanremo, first starry night

Last night, the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival began at the Ariston Theatre. Loredana Bertè with “Pazza” leads the first evening ranking, which involves the vote of the press room jury alone. The first day of the Festival was marked by the wounds caused by violence and war.

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Sanremo 2024 starts on February 6

Sanremo 2024 is about to begin. From 6 to February 10, RaiUno will broadcast five episodes in prime time, which we already know will be broadcast in the night slot. Thirty-one singers are competing under the artistic direction of Amadeu, whom five co-hosts will accompany.

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The 74th candle burned in San Remo…

Sanremo 2024 is very close. This year, Italy’s most beloved singing event will take place at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo from 6 to February 10 2024. So, let’s start with the history of the Sanremo Festival…

The calendars showed January 29, 1951, when the first candle was lit in San Remo. Quietly, a little timidly, but hopefully, a flower was born.

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