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The genius is out of the bottle

Di Maio leaves M5s where he was born: “Me with Draghi”

Vita gazette – Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, who is experiencing leadership tensions with his M5s party and disagreements over arms aid to Ukraine, has left his party. In his statement, Maio said they will form a new party and called: “Let’s leave the 5 Star Movement which from tomorrow will no longer be the leading political force in Parliament”.

The strategy of Italy, which has sided with the US and NATO in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, and is at the forefront both with its declarations and with aid to arms, continues to create tensions in public opinion and in domestic politics.

The former M5S political leader announces that he is putting an end to “ambiguities”. Di Maio, who was fighting between his party and government policies, launches his operation after Draghi collected the solid yes of his majority in the Senate, with 219 votes, to continue supporting Ukraine with a resolution.

There was tension between the leader of the M5s Giuseppe Conte and the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio for the statements and the policy followed. Before the vote in the Senate for the continuation of arms aid to Ukraine by the government with wide participation led by Mario Draghi, criticism came from the M5s, the government partner. The cessation of arms aid to Ukraine caused tensions within the party when Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, a member of the same party, opposed the initiatives launched by some parliamentarians. In the M5s led by former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the expulsion of Di Maio was on the agenda, but no decision was made.

The Premier: “Thank you”

“I thank the Senate for their support in helping Ukraine to defend freedom and democracy”, to “continue with the sanctions” on Russia, “to seek a lasting peace that respects the rights and freedoms of Ukraine”, a “To continue, in short, on the road designed by legislative decree 14 of 22”, said Prime Minister Mario Draghi in replies to the Senate before the EU Council. The premier left Palazzo Madama and to those who asked him if he was worried about the government he replied: “No”.

To set up a group in Palazzo Madama, 10 senators are needed and 20 deputies in Montecitorio, according to the regulations.

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