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68th Taormina Film Festival:

The legendary director Coppola opens it with The Godfather

Vita Gazette – Francis Ford Coppola, the legendary director of the legendary film trilogy “The Godfather”, returns to his roots with a new version of Baba. American-born Italian director, screenwriter and producer Francis Ford Coppola will open the Taormina Film Fest with the restored version of The Godfather.

Sunday 26 June there will be a journey through time accompanied by legends at TFF 68’s Ancient Theater of Taormina. Filming the Sicilian parts of the film in the medieval mountain village of Savona, half an hour from Taormina, Francis Ford Coppola will celebrate the 50th anniversary of his masterpiece presenting it with a restored version of The Godfather.

Even 50 years later, Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather” is undoubtedly the seventh milestone of art that best describes the mafia, politics, relations between the mafia and the police, love, Italian folklore, the distressing tragedy and Shakespearean brutality. The symbol of the developing era of New Hollywood… A legend of directing… One of the greatest manifestations of the seventh art…

Powers and puppeteers

The story begins in America, the land of the free. Then there is the period of returning to the mother’s arms. But the roots in America go back to Italy. And leaving his legal training, II. Michael Corleone, who participated in World War II, fought for America, is a patriotic idealist, should be a future senator or president, is forced to turn into a ruthless and lonely mafia boss. He admits that politicians and the mafia is doing similar things!

The film opens with the words of an Italian immigrant who seeks justice that US law cannot give him: “I believe in America. My luck has turned to America”. And immediately after, it shows how faith in America can be insufficient. The director of the funeral home, Amerigo Bonasera, came to Father Don Vito’s wedding house and asked him for justice. He asks Don Vito for retaliatory revenge for those who raped his daughter, who tore off her face because her daughter resisted. Don Vito said: “So far avoid meeting me side by side. Also, my wife is the godmother of her daughter. Why didn’t you go to the police first and not to me?” And He replied: “I went there, but sentenced them to three years. Then they postponed that sentence. And they gave me a nasty smile on their way out. I want to take revenge on them. Only you can help me”. As is often the case with masterpieces, this is an opening scene that is a true mission statement and can provide the viewer with the coordinates of everything they will see next!

“We are all part of that hypocrisy”

And then there is a dialogue between Michael and Kay. In Sicily, Michael’s wife, Apollonia with whom he found love, is bombed. And after this incident, Michael, who has lost his sensibility, has found his old love Kay again. We follow the dialogue between the two: Kay: “I thought you wouldn’t be like your father.” Michael replies: “My father is no different from other powerful people. Someone who has the responsibility to others. Like a senator or a president ”. Kay said, “Don’t you see how naive you are with what you’re saying?” “Because?” he asks. “Senators and presidents are not assassinated,” Kay replies. Michael looks Kay in the face: “Which of us is naive, Kay?”

And in Father II, Michael rejects the politician asking him for bribes and a percentage of his work. Then the politician replies: “I despise you, swindlers and hypocrites”. Michael Corleone’s response “Senator, we are all part of that hypocrisy” goes down in history as one of the most important phrases that summarize the system …

Magnificent choir

The series “The Father”, which is among the most memorable trilogies in the history of cinema, has obviously received numerous awards. Has received dozens of awards from the Golden Globe, to the David di Donatello from the BAFTAs. But above all, it has never left its place in the ranking of the “100 best films of all time”.

One of the greatest critical and commercial successes of the cinema of all time, the godfather showcases the talent of actors such as Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, John Cazale and Robert Duvall, Simonetta Stefanelli. The reasons for the success of this film are many: the exceptional quality of the cast, the photographs of Gordon Willis, the music of Nino Rota, the directorial talent and determination of Coppola. The flawless and bittersweet music of Nino Rota masterfully completes Coppola’s masterpiece. In the soundtracks signed by Ray Evans, Johnny Farrow, Jay Livingston, Nino Rota, Marty Symes and Carmine Coppola… And Mario Puzo… And Sicily and its people, who contributed significantly to the legendary atmosphere of the film… As the most important actors…

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