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Covid, Green Pass: in espansione dal 1 settembre

Green Pass_1 settembre

Vita gazette – From 1 September 2021, in addition to the previous decisions, new rules, particularly concerning the transport, school and university sectors, come into force. From 1 September, the Green Pass becomes mandatory for all school staff and university students, as well as for long-distance travel by train, bus, ship and plane.

Since August 6, 2021, the Green Pass has been mandatory to attend events, shows and concerts; access to facilities such as bars, restaurants, swimming pools and gyms with table and indoor drinks; participation in festivals, fairs and congresses; to enter amusement parks, sports and cultural centers.

With the new decision, from September 1 to December 31, 2021 or until the end of the state of emergency, the green card becomes mandatory for school staff, teachers, students, janitors and all school personnel. In addition to university staff, students will be required to show their green Covid-19 certificate upon entry to school. Or recovery from Covid-19 infection in the last 6 months; A Covid-19 molecular or antigen test done within the last 48 hours will need to give a negative result.

Anyone violating the decisions made will have to pay a fine ranging from 400 to 1000 euros. In addition, there are risks such as non-payment of salaries to personnel who do not comply with the decision. The absence of a green card will be considered an unfair absence. From the fifth day of absence, the employment relationship will be considered suspended. Salary and allowance will not be paid.

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