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Italy’s PM Giorgia Meloni to run in EU election

Vita gazette – Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has announced that she will run in the European elections. She said, “Because I want to ask Italians if they are satisfied with the work we are doing in Italy and the work we are doing in Europe.”

From the Fratelli d’Italia programmatic conference stage, Giorgia Meloni released her reservations about her candidacy in the next European elections: she will be the leader in all constituencies. “I ask Italians to write my name, but my first name,” said Meloni, inviting citizens to vote in his favour by writing only his first name instead of the simple surname or first and last name.

Therefore, The indication would not entail the risk of annulment of the vote because, in the party list, the candidate’s name will be “Giorgia Meloni, known as Giorgia”. Thanks to this trick, it will be possible to indicate only the Prime Minister’s first name. The words “With Giorgia” stand out on the posters, and her name will thus also be able to appear on the ballot paper for the next European elections on 8 and 9 June.

 “I will always be proud to be a person of the people, and so, if you want to tell me that you still believe in me, I would like you to do so by writing simply Giorgia on the card because I will always be just a person to whom you address—without formalisms, without distances,” said the Prime Minister.

 Prime Minister Meloni also underlined that he will not leave government affairs even for a minute to campaign independently for the AP elections.

Like Meloni, his power partner, Forza Italia (FI) leader and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, and the prominent opposition party leader, the Democratic Party (PD), Elly Schlein, announced last week that they would have run in the European elections.

News reports and comments published in the press state that the leaders in question are running to increase the power of their parties in elections and that, if elected, the leaders are expected to give way to the candidate who receives the most votes after them.

In the survey conducted by SWG, one of the country’s public opinion research companies, from 15 to 21 April, Meloni’s party, FdI, came first with 26.8% of the votes, the PD led by Elly Schlein came second with 20%, and the other opposition party, the 5 Star Movement (M5S), the far-right League, one of the government partners, came in fourth place with 8.5%. Forza Italy came in fifth with 8.4%.

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