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Vita gazette – From the USA to NATO and the EU, from Russia to China and the Pacific… From energy to arms and hunger… From culture to history and art… From natural disasters to new discoveries and technology… Important history recorded notes…                                          (July 31, August 8, 2022)

Human and animal rights

Norway: A polar bear, who entered the camp of 25 nature travelers and injured a French tourist, was shot at to get away. The polar bear was later killed because of its extensive wounds. (August 8)

Germany: Friedrich-Wilhelm K. and his wife Jutta, who live in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, have filed a lawsuit because their neighbor’s rooster crows around 200 times a day from 8am. Claiming that the rooster sounded like “torture” to them, the couple filed a lawsuit against their neighbor Michael D. Friedrich-Wilhelm K. and his wife Jutta, who wanted the rooster named Magda to be taken out of the house. also claimed that they recorded every time the rooster crows to present it to the court. (August 10)

USA – Indian-British writer and novelist Salman Rushdie was attacked during an event in New York. In a statement released by the New York State Police, it was reported that Rushdie received a stab in the neck. He was threatened in 1989 because of his book Satanic Verses and a death fatwa was given against him. (August 12)

Norway: A 600-kilogram walrus named Freya, who boarded boats to sunbathe, was put to sleep by authorities on the grounds that it endangered people’s lives and was killed.         (August 15)

Global warming – Climate change – Natural disasters

Spain: With more than 220,000 hectares of forest burning since the beginning of the year, Spain is fighting the biggest forest fires of the 21st century. (August 8)

France: Another week-long heat wave has started in the country. Concerns about drought and forest fires caused by high temperatures remain. (August 8)

Nigeria: It has been reported that 53 million people are in danger of flooding in Nigeria, where the effects of climate change are intense. (August 8)

USA: The US Senate passes a $430 billion bill that includes climate, health and tax regulations. The bill is seen as the biggest climate investment. (August 8)

France and Switzerland: Due to global warming and extreme heat, the Doubs River at the border has partially dried up and tourist boats have run aground. (August 10)

USA: As wildfires caused by extreme temperatures continued in the state of California, a fire hose formed as a result of hot, dry air and wind in the Sam fire in Los Angeles County. (11 August)

England – Drought has been declared in many parts of the country due to the extreme heat in England. Authorities have warned that there may be restrictions on water use. (August 12)

France: There is now a “fish-biting” panic on the beaches that stretch between the Côte d’Azur and Brittany, in the arid fire country. It is claimed that the chotira of North American origin, which does not stick to people, is headed for the French coasts due to climate change. (August 10)


Monkey Pox: The number of monkeypox cases detected in European countries has reached 17 thousand 509. Most cases were seen in Spain. Two people died. (August 11)

USA: Johnson & Johnson company announced that the sale of the powder will be stopped in 2023 after the lawsuits were filed on the grounds that the baby powders it produces contain carcinogenic substances. “We have made a commercial decision to transition to an all-cornstarch-based baby powder portfolio,” the company said in a statement. (August 12)

Covid-19: In the Balkan countries, including Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, increases in Kovid-19 cases and related deaths began to be seen. (August 13)

Science – Technology – Discovery

China: Self-driving taxis started to operate in Yangquan, in the north of the country. A decrease in traffic accidents is expected with artificial intelligence. (August 11)

China – Mercedes-Benz has decided to recall more than 10 thousand vehicles due to the risk of fire. (August 14)

Art – Culture – History

England – Nigeria: The British museum has agreed to return 72 bronze statues from the Benin period to Nigeria. (August 8)

International relations and strategies

Amnesty International has made a statement that it deeply regrets the “distress and anger” caused by the report that the Ukrainian forces endangered the lives of civilians with the bases they set up in settlements during the war launched by Russia. In a statement, Amnesty International emphasized that they “fully stand behind” the findings in the report, which drew criticism from Ukraine, and continued: “Nothing we have documented on Ukrainian forces justifies Russia’s violations.” (August 8)

Energy: A “plan to reduce gas consumption by 15 percent” is coming into effect across EU countries. The decision of the European Union (EU) to ban coal imports from Russia entered into force. Lukas Siebenkotten, President of the German Federal Tenants’ Association, warned that millions of people may be unable to pay their rents due to rising energy prices. In Spain, the left coalition government’s energy saving plan went into effect. While the limit of 27 degrees is imposed on air conditioners, shop lighting will be turned off in the evening. (August 8-10-11)

Russia – Ukraine: In a statement from the Kremlin, it was stated that no basis has been formed for the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. (August 8)

Russia – North Korea – Ukraine: According to Russian state media, North Korea, which has the 4th largest army in the world, offered Russia 100,000 soldiers to defeat Ukraine. It was also announced that North Korea is ready to send more than a thousand workers to help rebuild the Donbas region. (August 8)

USA – Belarus: The US State Department has sanctioned 100 individuals and institutions for repressing and using violence against the peaceful protests that erupted after the presidential elections in Belarus two years ago. (9 August)

China – Taiwan: China has announced that it continues the military exercises started around the island after the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last week, although the previously announced deadline expired yesterday. (August 8) Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned politicians of other countries not to “follow the same path as the United States” regarding Taiwan. (August 11)

Armament: Denmark announced that it will provide 110 million euros worth of military aid to Ukraine. (August 11) The UK has announced that it will provide Ukraine with multiple launch rocket systems (MLRA) capable of hitting targets up to 80 kilometers away. The US State Department announced that it is planning to provide 89 million dollars in aid for de-explosive and humanitarian aid in Ukraine. (August 11) New Zealand – Ukraine: It is reported that New Zealand will send 120 more personnel to its team that trains Ukrainian soldiers in the UK. (August 15)

Latvia – Russia – Ukraine: Latvian parliament declared Russia a “sponsor of terrorism” state and accused it of committing “targeted genocide against the Ukrainian people”. (August 11) Russia warned Latvia to end provocations. (August 12)

Sanctions – Estonia has decided to impose a visa ban on Russian citizens. France banned Russian citizens from visiting Vincennes Castle. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz opposed the ban on issuing tourist visas to all Russian citizens to European Union (EU) countries due to Russia’s war against Ukraine. Scholz warned that imposing a visa ban on all Russians and innocents could lessen the impact of the sanctions. (August 11)

Politics – Elections

Australia: The lower house of parliament in the state of New South Wales has passed a bill that criminalizes Nazi symbols. Victoria was the first state to pass a law banning the public display of Nazi swastikas in June. In the state, those who display the Nazi swastika face a $22,000 fine and 12 months in prison. (9 August)

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