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“Military spending” crisis in Italy!

Vita gazette – Government partner 5 Star Movement opposes Prime Minister Mario Draghi on increase in military spending: This could lead to a government crisis

The war in Ukraine indirectly risks provoking a government crisis in Italy. The voice of those who oppose both the war, sending weapons to Ukraine and increasing military expenditures was the coalition partner, the 5 Star Movement.

Former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, leader of the Five Star Movement, met with the prime minister to openly oppose the increase in military spending. Expressing that the priorities were different during the meeting, he said that the budget to be allocated for military expenditures should be invested in the low-income, patients, social security and social welfare areas. Conte, later announced that he had an very good conversation with Mario Draghi.

After the meeting, there was a harsh response from the government to Giuseppe Conte: “Palazzo Chigi aims to respect and firmly reaffirm NATO’s commitments to increase military spending to 2% of GDP. Otherwise, the promises made by the majority will be in vain.”

Although Conte says that there has been no government crisis, will this harsh response lead to a new government crisis and government searches? We”ll see …

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