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Green, leading Player of 2021-2002

Max Mara

Will our balance, which has been shaken by the economic crisis, the Corona epidemic, disasters caused by climate change, and wars, get better with the green color, which is associated with trust, peace and hope? The fashion world must have taken this into account in the fall-winter trend of 2021-2022!

Many of us think of fashion as an indicator and determinant of social status. But almost everyone agrees that fashion is a medium for the satisfaction of individual pleasure. Can we consider the magical universe of fashion, which plays an important role in directing individuals as well as in bringing them together, independent of social, political, economic, cultural and technological developments? Of course, no! All of these changes and shape the content of fashion as well as every aspect of daily life. The magic discourse of fashion that affects individuals causes them to give the expected reflexes. At a time when the whole world is suffering both economically, socially and physically in the grip of the mysterious Corona, the color of the fall-winter trend of 2021-2022 has been determined. The color of balance, harmony, peace, hope, courage, rebirth and growth has become green.

From the classic olive color of green to the most daring tone, it seems to shake us deeply in the streets where it oscillates. It will remind some of us the harmony that should be in nature, it will remind some of us the importance of peace that we must maintain, it will emphasize the importance of keeping our balance in some of us, it will instill hope in some and courage for change in others. But in general, a color that will radiate positive energies to all of us is announcing its leading role this fall. Black, lilac and beige colors used as supporting actors are left to the discretion of the people.

In addition to hues such as emerald green, grass green or flag green, olive green will continue its classic power this year as always. This delicate and simple shade of green that suits everyone will be seen in all sophisticated outfits, from coats to trousers, skirts to shirts.

Bottega Veneta
Louis Vuitton
Stella McCartney
Max Mara
Alberta Ferreti
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