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“Hi dad, I dropped my phone1”, WhatsApp scam

Vita gazette – Be careful of the WhatsApp message that says, “Hi dad, I dropped my phone”: it’s a scam. Watch out for the new scam coming from WhatsApp.

The message of the new scam has this text: “Hi dad, I dropped my phone. This is my new number. Please, can you send me a WhatsApp?”.

I have attached a link to access via text message, which you must not click because the new telephone number represents the gateway for scammers. If the link is opened, the scammer, pretending to be the son, undertakes his fraudulent plan by starting to ask for money for various plausible reasons, such as the malfunction of a banking app or the payment of university fees or bills. If the parent responds positively, they are asked to make an instant transfer for payment. It is always best not to trust these messages and instead try to contact the affected person directly.


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