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Historic regata in Venice

Vita gazette – Venice is back to its pre-Corona days. The historical sailing race, which is one of the oldest events held in the city and has a special importance for Venice’s 1600 year celebrations this year, carried the city’s residents and viewers to the land of fairy tales.

Thousands of people flocked to the Grand Canal to watch the Regatta, the historical race held on the first Sunday of September every year since the thirteenth century in Venice, the city of Italy famous for its water canals. The race started with Doge and the former duke’s wife, Dogaressa. The parade, which took place before the start of the competitions, was the scene of colorful scenes as every year.

The historical races of the Historical Regatta consist of two parts. While historical gondolas (gondolini) compete in the first section, rowing competitions are held in the other section. Historical competitions are held in memory of Queen Caterina Cornaro, the wife of the king of Cyprus, who came to Venice in 1489 to give the throne to the city. The races, in which four different teams wear 15th-century Venetian costumes and compete fiercely with historical and same-century boats, attract fans to the city on the first Sunday of September every year.

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